When all that’s left is madness,

for wealth, for power, and for selfishness;

We are reduced to a void self,

a sorry state of a being;

And we stop pretending to be human.


Clever Words


Clever Words
Len Kamei

Clever words,
sane and wit;
Lessons for some,
scorn for the other.



Of beasts and brutality

Of beasts and brutality

Stop Crime against women

Len Kamei

They dragged her to the narrow street,
and stripped off her Innocence.
Such horror, and pain intolerable,
meted out by beasts, untaught and untamed.

A society of falsehood, and injustice,
brewing immorality in each mind.
I sit at the edge of the bed,
And shed a mournful tear for humanity, and the world.


If you had stopped for a little while

If you had stopped for a little while

Len Kamei

If you had stopped for a little while,
you would have seen the petals of the rose unfold,
and the world’s reflection on the morning dew.

If you had glanced to your right,
you would have seen the songbird serenading to you,
and the trees swaying to the tune.

If you had not strode down the hill, but sauntered,
you would have felt the cool breeze blowing eastward,
and heard the sound of the gentle brook winding along its path.

If only you had lent your time,
you would never have missed out
on all the beauties of life and the world around.

But you never did.