Me . . .

Very seldom will you get to know a person who you can connect with. A person who can be a patient listener, a cheerful giver, a person who can share his shoulders for you to cry upon, give you a hug when you least expect it, a person who will advice you, walk the long hard way side by side. chide you, fight with you, try to annoy you. He is affectionate, loving, caring. All that you want a person to have.

I know one such person. . . . Me . . . .< haha > I can see you (the reader) hitting yourself on the wall.

I may not be that great a person. But, I can proudly say I do have what it takes to be a good friend, a brother, a son, a lover. . .

I had a normal childhood. Went to school, did whats necessary for me. They are boring stuffs so better left untouched.

I am someone who loves to have fun but still keep an order in life. I am not addicted to anything. Moderation is what i profess. I like to fool around but not to the extent to annoy people (you). I am no push-over, so buzz off if you want to order me around.

I don’t love solitude but I prefer to be alone once in a while, so that I can ponder on my priorities in life. Independence is one thing I cannot live without. Freedom of life and of mind is what I would ask for. Simplicity is what I believe in.

Strict on punctuality, routine, pefection or atleast near perfection. I am not all together anally retentive or something, but just that it is good to be and have everything in order.

I am a firm believer of God and His divinity. I cannot dare challenge His sovereignity, Can I?

Take care all of you, and God Bless.


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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