Paradox, as i call it

They say men and women are equal. I agree and you might too. Women “claims” that they can par or maybe ‘out-par’ men in all aspects. I don’t disagree and neither do you, I suppose.

Let me bring you my argument.

I have seen breadwinners and so family heads who are women. There are women CEOs and MDs, Political leaders, Doctors, engineers, drivers, etc. and etc. And the women population is quite confident and boastful about these. Thus, staking claim in the equal right and status.

Now, were you (men) frustrated some day when you were dead tired and climbed into a bus, and found one row of the bus empty, but still you could not sit and relax because of the red letters “ladies”. Or one day you found that the train had 12 of its compartments filled far more to the capacity, but you turn around to a forbidden ‘empty’ boogie marked “ladies”.

Reservation for women in the legislature has been the ‘in thing’ since 2004. Not much has been done as yet.

I am not here to advocate either side; of being a feminist or the contrary. But this paradox, as I call, is way too much for me to handle. On one side, they say men and women are equal, but on the other they claim reservation on anything.

[ Don’t get me wrong, I too have a Mother and a sister, and I have the best interest of them in my mind and heart. ]

If men and women are equal, why can’t I sit on the row marked in red or get into the boogie restricted for the fairer gender. OR why don’t we have another row reserved for ‘MEN’, just a proposition though.


Don’t bother to reply, if you want to pick up a fight. I just wrote what I want to write.


One comment on “Paradox, as i call it

  1. i totally agree when u say this ,but it is a fact from the time of creation that women were made out of men to be a partner for men ,hence the creation was in such a way that men would hunt and feed a family .But times have changed and the world is not simple as it seems ,it is full of what humans have made. Everything is a creation of human thoughts ,the idea of men and women equal is itself a man made thing . Women can beat men in all that they have created together .why cant women be equal in what they have created together?.Physically ,yes women can never beat man ,it is a fact.But yes women are equal to men in this man made things ,to be a CEO you don’t have to be physically strong ,but yes to board a train or a bus you have to be physically strong.You just have to accept this fact no matter how frustrated you are ,we are equal as you .

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