Politics and Celebrities

Come elections and we see lots of things happening.


There is one small thing I am still not convinced about. It’s the Celebrities and politics.

I am not against anyone and I do not want to be in this dangerous world of crude minds where people are booked by law and organization for practicing Freedom of speech.

Politics and Government and People are one important aspect of any nation. And so are the individuals involved.

Playing with politics, I propose, must be made un-pardonable. And in this case, the celebrities.

I do not say that they are not politically aware or are not qualified for it and all. But as per their chosen profession, it is not their cup of tea.

Learned people of the nation, let us not go by how well a person do well on screen, or likewise. Let them not use their celebrity image to get into the highest political seat of the country, deciding your rights and duties.

Once in recent past, we found a candidate who then was in a soap serial, had to take a break from it and tried her hand in politics. She lost, unfortunately. But then she went back again into being the Saas-Bahu.

One sitting MP had enough time to come on to weekly comedy shows. Must have been heaven in his constituency, without any worries, or have the constitution lessened the work of an MP, I am not updated yet in my copy of constitution.

The ability and credibility of a person, his love for the nation and people must be the sole criterion for being successful in Politics, and not the Face Value. And credibility comes when he/she is involved in it for his/her entire lifetime, knowing the ins and outs.

We know, Indian Citizen qualified by Article 84 from any profession, background can serve the nation through their political activities. So we cannot bar the celebrities from contesting, can we?

But I think it’s the moral responsibility of the contesting celebrity candidate to decide as to whether it is justified on him/her standing for the legislature.

And also, the voting citizens, to make an intelligent judgment, and not go after the heart.

Can we do it this time?

Let us not elect some soap character, some sportsman, or anyone for that mater who we think and foresee will be a dummy in the highest seat of legislation of the Nation. Let them prove their credibility and then The Nation of billion people will decide.


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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