First to None


I woke up this morning to be greeted by my newspaper, as always. But today was different. The paper advertised a lot of No. 1s in India. The First page said, India’s No. 1 multimedia institute. The third page brought the No. 1 Coaching Institute. As I browsed through the paper, I got some more No 1s (water purifier, Bank, etc. etc.)

The same goes with the Television too. It’s all No. 1s.

Why are there no No. 2?

Why are people trying to bring chaos in the peaceful existence by calling everyone the First, the Best, the Cheapest, The costliest etc.

Well, sometimes I don’t want the best of them all. If everyone says they are the No. 1. What options do I have? I need the No. 2 or maybe 3.

As stupid as this post may seem. But didn’t you notice this with me? That there are only No. 1s.


All First to None.  


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