HMITM (How much is too much?)

Date: 20.09.2009

This post is written in the context of India, as this is my domicile and I have some knowledge about it. Maybe because whatever happens here directly or indirectly effects me.

HMITM (How much is too much?)

If you have been following my earlier posts, you might have come across this question. And the theme of most of my posts might be driven by this thought. I just get hit by this question often in my daily exchange with people or maybe media, whatever it may be, or some habits or likewise.

Today I write about a series of instances that have found it too much or about to be termed so, I know it has hit you many times too.

Ever-Enthusiastic media: Whatever it may be, the TRP driven media don’t seem to understand that they are over enthusiastic. I being an ardent viewer of television does not wish to see the gruesome human acts that human glorify.  Had I been in the 26/11 incident and is being kept captive at the Taj, I would not have wanted to see that my captors being helped to counter my rescue attempts.  I also do not want to know who marries who, which celebrity is wearing what. I have so much to know from you. I do not know the Government schemes for my welfare. How my money is being used for the nation and all those stuffs. What all will you show me? Tomorrow, you will tell me how many morsel of food did SRK eat the last dinner. HMITM?

People, come on, how can the government help in bringing the monsoon. Let us be real. You can’t blame them that the rain is late. And let us not complain, it is you who sold your vote for God knows how much or what. Or maybe you found some names in the list of prospective familiar. Or maybe it was some family you thought was capable, or maybe you thought, “how would it mater” and forgot the date you got to choose who will run the nation. Blaming for everthing? HMITM

The two letters U and S are so over-rated. Why do we run to them every time? The neighbors have defied the sacred LOC, we run to them. Some dropped some thing across, we run to them. Everyone dream of going to the hyped US of A. US this, US that. HMITM?

Fear of the bearded people. Not all bearded people are Islamic. Not all Islamic people are jehadists. Fear or hate I do not know. But, HMITM?

The Government, please, how much are you going to collect from me just to waiver the loans? Various schemes? Giving me 100 rupees for 100 days will not help me sustain, trust me. You cannot just start distributing the nation’s money to everyone; remember we are more than a billion. Your way of winning popularity votes. HMITM?

Again people, stop reproducing more. One is a blessed, two is company, and three is a crowd. I guess your kid would want to finish his or her 12 standard, rather than share it with his other three siblings and do till 4th standard.

Now, parents, you cant ask more from the kids. They are not marks making machines you know. But of course if you were Einstein, then oh well, I could have trusted the genetic theory, but you are not. Please do not force the kids to be what you could not.

Schools, you cannot ask more from the kids, they are not your experimental lab-rats to work on with.

Kids, you cannot blame the world around. You came here, and there is no turning back. You are not smarter than your seniors, parents, or me, kidding.

Men’s greed to want more and more and more.

Well, there are lots but if I put in all, the post will again be long and something that I alone will be reading. So, I shall stop here and if you find anything that can be asked “HMITM?” then please feel free to drop in.


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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