The enormous posibilities that could have been. . .

As I lie on my bed, these amazing thoughts of possibilities rush in. Thoughts, which I think, may have come with all these discussions about the climate changes, Copenhagen, ice age etc. These thoughts are too stupid as it seems but can never be proved or disproved by laymen, I don’t know about the known physicists and astronomers    or the like who have spend their whole being on these thoughts.

What do we have now at present or what do we know:

1)     The Earth:

2)     The Axis of rotation:

3)     The Hemisphere:

4)     The solar system:

<Welcome to my Science now.>

I have made certain observations, oh well, you can’t call them observations but anyway, I have come up with some serious thoughts in my thinking process.

Well, I have bulleted it as “What if” (W-I).

W-I (1): What if the earth would think one fine day that it would defy the axis of rotation and start rotating along a different axis say, about the axis through the equator?

My axis:

I don’t care if it’s not even possible or is. But you see the implications. Forgetting all the geographical catastrophes.  Considering that all is well even after the change.

Consider the economic hustle around. All the warm countries of now will see ice and snow for the first time in their life. They would obviously need warm clothes and heater and what not. Ah! There would be business. Same for the cold climatic countries of now. They would burn in heat. They would want ACs or coolers etc.

Consider if the Axis had been through India, and India becomes the North Pole. We would have snow and ice all year round.

<This is the time you go have a glass of water and digest the point. .  :P>

My second theory is:

W-I (2): What if one day the earth thinks to get a pot-belly, say a bulge of a heavy mass, a lump at any place in the equatorial line.

Now think physically and geographically. The rotation will be havoc. Shouldn’t we be thrown out of the arc/path of revolution in a random manner? Close your eyes and think. Uhn huh? Since I think the gravitational force between the earth and sun is just sufficient to hold it in its path that we are now in, change in the mass at the current speed of rotation will put us in a random rotation and since it is free space-vacuum, we shall definitely be thrown away. The speed of rotation will be irregular. Roll an egg along its longer dia (I don’t know what it is called), you can kind of imagine it. It will be more massive than that though.

Now consider, we mankind survives this. Considering the concept of day and night still exists (forget the source for now. Since we are out of the path of revolution around the sun now, so sun is out of question.) Since the rotation will be irregular, some parts of the day will go faster while some part will be slower. Hoping the slower part is the night. We shall have longer nights. Yay!!! Which means we can sleep more. But anyway, the technology of clocks have to be changed, all official hours have to be changed and like wise.

W-I (3): What if, in line with the previous W-I, the earth thinks to have the Pot Belly, oh sorry, a heavy bum and it increases gradually?

Well, if we think it would mean rotating an egg along the major axis. (ah ! I got it this time.)

Preliminary assumption: There is a gravitational pull downwards. I mean it is assumed that the whole solar system is held by some gravitional pull of some force (how would I know the source, I am no Scientist. I am just assuming. Thats what every one does to postulate something.)

Now given the assumption, the Earth would rotate fine, but because of the weight, after each distance, gradually that is, the earth will go down from the present path of revolution.

Considering that the gravitational force of the sun still remains, the distance from the earth to sun will be constant, but since the lower part of the earth is getting heavier each day we shall go down further, thus in due course of time the path of revolution will decrease. And at one time, the radius of the path will be negligible and we will be at the bottom of the sun.


Now, the fun is. The north pole (considering the bulge formation was at the south pole 😛 ) will have the permanent day and the south pole will have the permanent night. And all other places will range from different times in the day. I think we will not have the concept of Day and night all together.

Actual present Scientific theory would prove it wrong though. Since the Gravitational force/Pull= G (m1 X m2)/r^2. So when the mass increase gradually, the gravitational force will increase. And since there is no known external force that keeps the solar system intact, hence Earth will move towards the sun. There are these contrifugal and centrepetal forces working, but am not going to give all these crap. I’ll stick to my theory.

<But its the End of my third theory.>

Now this is not a “what if”, so take yourselves off from my stupid “what if” hypothesis.

Now the question I am asking and still not clear is, who decided that the North Pole is North Pole and the pole opposite is South Pole? Since the whole solar system is in Vacuum and an open space, what if (ah I cannot get rid of this) all we see was just upside down of what the actual sight is suppose to be. To make my point, well cut out a photograph of the solar system and see it upside down (Considering which ever side is up and the other is down). See? Maybe the South Pole was not South Pole after all. Maybe the North Pole was the actual South Pole and vice versa.

What the general perception is:

Flip it upside down:

Isn’t it identical? Yes it is.

Why I say we may have made a mistake is that the whole southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere is identical, I am not considering the elements of both hemisphere. Since the earth is a sphere, cutting it into two equal halves will put forth two identical hemispheres. Now, take two persons and put one of them exactly at the North Pole and the other at the South Pole, I mean the axis of rotation. Now, push them inside the earth till each of them meet somewhere at the core of the earth. We find their feet in a head on collision. Awww shit!, am not getting anywhere with the example here, but what I mean to say is, the North Pole could have been the South Pole and South Pole could have been the North Pole.


Now flip it over similarly as above:

It could have been this. I mean the second picture.

Well, that’s too much on Lan’s Physical and Astronomical Science for today. Maybe when these thought die off I would coin in more of such ideas for you to think about.

When you think about the above things, yes, in reality these may not be possible, but when you really think about it overlooking all the natural physical barriers, it is indeed really fascinating.  The entire enormous possibilities: ‘just if’ something had not been, other would have existed.

On this note am signing off for now, this is Lan.

Have a great Day. Take care.


9 comments on “The enormous posibilities that could have been. . .

  1. Ladies & Gentleman…
    Here is a small story.
    Once there was a man called Galileo. He was intelligent. I mean f******** intelligent.
    He could imagine the physical realms and celestial features just by applying brains and using his primitive instruments.
    And then one fine day, he died.

    But as they say that universe conspires on issues related to itself; After hundreds of years, of death of Galileo, a man was born.
    I am sorry. ‘The’ Man was born
    He was called Ga(LEN)eo… 🙂
    He had the powers of imagination in the 5th dimension.
    (Note: I tried thinking in 4D, but failed miserably)
    Whatever have we read above, is a display of godly imagination, that even the original Galileo didn’t have.
    Is the writer of this post human!!
    I guess not…
    He is beyond!!
    And to all others, including me, I have a recommendation.
    “Jesus is back. No use looking busy.”

  2. @ Dev: That was mighty generous of you.
    But hell yeah, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth” well literally. 🙂 lol..that was for comic relief.

    Thinking about the possibilities, It really fascinates me like a 2nd standard school kid.

  3. Endless possibilities…………….
    with dreadful consequences…………….
    it made me realize again that we are very lucky to exist……….
    good one……………

  4. You can start writing a book now, which starts with one or more of your ‘What Ifs’ coming into realization. Will be nice to see how people behave.

  5. Its so thought provoking! I really enjoyed readin it! Really nice. I’d like to read some more:) it was very interestin.. Oh seems like i jus cant stop tellin u da same thing.:) its great! I for sure wil start thinkin bout wat ifs;)

    • oh man !! ur thoughts are mind blowing !! when r u coming up with ur next observations? i m waiting eagerly. may be this time u should go after the theory of human evolution. ape –> man. and then man –> what next ?

  6. @ Pranab: It may not be that dreadful, provided the shift is very gradual like some thing in a hundred years. Yes, indeed we are very lucky to exist for say sixty-seventy years. Thats umm too short thought, dont you think? lol

    @Soni: I am working on a few topics these days. Maybe Ill come up with something readable soon. Nice thought on the book though.

    @ Kelly: Thanks a ton for the time and kind comments. 🙂

    @Sam: I am working on a few topics, not scientific, but some sociology crap. Dont know if ill finish. Mean time Im reading some stuffs too. 🙂 Hope to come up something very soon.

  7. indeed this INCISIVE questionings are scarily so thought provoking, if History and Science has taught us anything it surely is the fact that Anything can happen, Explanations usually comes after the events has occured. loved this piece thoroughly 🙂

  8. Buddy!! you are taking your blog to another level!! I think you need much better platform to reach people.. Its wonderful..its mind blowing!!.. It took me at least a good half and hour to think like you!!

    where have you been hiding this ….

    Btw .. you say that you are busy always!! I was wandering where u get time to stuff in all this :P..

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