“Save fuel, lest we regret”

“Save fuel, lest we regret”


‘Tis a wonder how the trees and organisms fell,

To give rise to something called as fuel.

That does wonder to the world we care.

Seems endless, but not infinite.

Wake up every morning to the smell of food,

Cooked with efforts from the fuel.

With much delight I eat away,

Without fear that it’ll go one day.

This morning I started my stove,

With hope that I shall cook.

But to my dismay, the fuel was gone.

I sighed, as I walked to my car.

Happy was I, to get a car,

Knowing that it will get me far.

Sat on it to take myself to work.

But oh! The car refused to start at all,

The fuel was gone and I had none.

I walked to work, with a face as long,

But then I found, it was all the same,

For everyone who woke up that day.

At last the world, woke up their senses,

But alas! The fuel was gone.

A tear was shed but none could be done.

But then I woke up from the dream

With thought in my mind and the words,

“Save the fuel, lest we regret.”


1) Background:

This poem was submitted for the Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight 2010.

2) Literary usage:

Simple words are used as far as possible to bring about the genuine words of a common man. Rhymes are not abused, but certain degree of rhyming is maintained for smooth speech.

Irregular rhythm is followed to represent the rate of  randomness at which the human minds can wander.

3) Meaning of the passage:

It speaks about the sudden realisation of Men that the Fuel (Oil) is gone forever.

The poem is self explanatory.  lol.

4) Other remarks:

I got First in English Poetry for Employees in the Unit. Yay!!!! Am kind of boasting here.

5) Comment:

Yes  please.  lol


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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