Why I stopped watching News Debates

I am or at least I used to be very interested in listening to Debates or intensive discussion and all. But off late am not getting my fix. They don’t tell me anything. I mean the news channel.

Have you noticed one thing? The debates on any issue these days don’t come to any meaningful conclusion. Yes, of course there is the sentiment of people or politics or religion attached in every topic of discussion, so, cannot give a white-black conclusion. So, my question is, why then bring these topics and confuse me all over again.

Recently, I was watching a debate on a popular news channel. It was some topic that was hot at that time. They had in the panel as always, eminent politician, a social worker, a retired bureaucrat, and the moderator. The moderator started with questions to each one. They answered, but as they came to something important, he stopped them to say anything further, quoted from the half statement and passed on to the next panelist. Why would he do that?

Most of the time what I observed is that, the moderator, whoever it may be, would just make statements and ask the panelist ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He (or she) drives the discussion into the path he (or she) likes to take it. And most of all, He gives his views. I for one do not want to hear his views. Who is he to me? He is not a law maker or a public social worker. He has to give me facts and figures and nothing more. That’s what I feel. I don’t need his opinion on any topic. We the people are the judge who will decide what is good or bad for us.

At one time, the Foreign Minister of our neighboring Country was brought online on the show. Instead of the Minister bringing out his ideals and views to the topic or issue, it was the moderator who did most of the talking and in the 25 minutes talk, I could hear the Minister speaking for not more than 10 minutes. I was like, “Let him speak, for Godsake”. I needed to hear the words from the Ministers mouth and not the words put in His mouth.

That has been going on for a while now. The news media I feel, should being in truths of both the stories and let the people decide.

I relate one instance. Sometime in early January of 2009, the oil marketing companies in India went on a strike. They were brought onto the level as “terrorists” holding ransom the whole country. That was all the public, including my Dad, knew of because that was what the media told them so.

Do you realize why they went on a strike? No, you don’t. Because the media had us convinced that the greedy oil executives want more money.

The media had pointed that a Grade A (Entrant) of any Oil Firm in India gets to 80000 INR a month as Salary. Is it true? Did we care to find out if it was true? No. Because the media said so.

What the media did not say is: how much they get NET, or why they had gone on a strike. They were just “terrorists” who worked day in and day out in hazardous conditions (Remember the IOC Jaipur fire) so that we get fuel in our kitchen, our cars our industries. And trust me this is not an Oil Company Employee speaking.

My point is, just tell and show me what is required – facts and figures. I am intelligent enough to discern good and evil.

Media opinion? No, thanks. I am good.


One comment on “Why I stopped watching News Debates

  1. very much a Valid argument! the media Industry in this country is no longer a News Making/spreading industry, rather more of a HYPE creating industry, just providing fodders for for supposedly “popular feeling” . The high Point of a news debate has filtered down to the ” Catchy music and pitched voice at the background” dat comes along during the Preview and at the start of the debate. heck its usually a waste of time if in the end what u get is just the Moderator’s skill, i wasn’t watching to assess the Moderator in the first place 😛

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