The one without a title – x1

Someone told me to write short. I thought about it a lot. I thought about the skill to write short, which I don’t have. I like to assume that readers are to be explained in detail about the issue. Half knowledge imparted is very dangerous, for me, that is. I would be misquoted, don’t you think?

Well, contrary to public’s views I will continue writing long. This post is about bits and pieces of those that I came to know of recently and others that I have been thinking of.

1) I never knew that there was something called as Earth Hour until I got a text message. It’s a noble thing. But my question is: If we were to switch off all those lights and energy consuming equipments which are un-important for that one hour, than why not keep it switched off daily? Or is it unimportant for that hour only. It just doesn’t make any sense. If the light is un-necessary then, why is it switched on the whole year?

2) Sudden splurge of Reality shows. I hate reality shows.

3) Infidelity test. This is something to be dreaded off or be weary of, dear friends. If some girl is uber-nice to you lately, smiles and talks sweet to you. Then be careful. If you fall into her, and Bamm! Your girlfriend or your wife barges in the room with all the cameras, you are doomed for life. Again, I hate reality shows.

4) One thing that really irritates me is, when young people, like me, age I mean, thinks and acts that they know everything. Come on, we got to respect our elders, specially our parents. You may know how to code and do math, but they helped you make yourself what you are now without doing those math and program. Doesn’t that make them genius to make an idiot a star? There is no generation gap. It’s just your egotistical ungrateful mind that is speaking. Give credit to whoever deserves. And this does not include your boss who signs your paychecks. See “Baghban”. It might not be this extreme but helps to appreciate the efforts of people around you.

5) Twitter and Facebook Status messages. People need to do the entire math and permutations and combinations and all assumptions to understand the cryptically confusing status message. I try to avoid writing those Jargons, which only I and some people in the same circle can understand. This means writing the abbreviation of your Course subject and saying, like, “Ah! I got ra*** in ACN.” What the hell is ACN? You could have written, “Ah! My exam was bad.” You know what I mean? So, stop doing it. It frustrates people.

6) Honking in traffic Jam. Don’t you get irritated when you come out from your office and stuck in the traffic jam, and the car behind you is honking on furiously as if you had slept off in the wheels and the whole jam is because of you. Don’t you just want to get out of your car, get to the driver behind and release your annoyance on him? And if you are the one doing it with me in the front, then, pray you would see tomorrow’s light.

7) Stereotyping. Be it everything, from race to gender to class or creed. It is not my fault that I am from the race that you stereotype me with. But damn you! If you do so, then I also have the right to stereotype you and your kind to whatever I deem fit calling. You cannot assume the character of someone just because he or she happens to look or come from specific background. I am not saying this because I have faced it, which I know you have been doing it even before we have met. My point is, every individual is unique, of course he or she will have those traits which he has been infused with genetics and all, but this do not give us the right to stereotype him or her according to what he or she looks like or appear to look like.

8) What’s wrong in dreaming? Every individual has the right to dream big. It does not matter even if it is ridiculous or really big. Dream dreams, for it brings solace to this heart among all the limitations that is in this world.

9) A secret is a secret. And the sanctity of secrecy ends when you tell a third person that secret and make him/her swear of its secrecy. It doesn’t work this way.

10) I have started to hate the Familial dominion of politics. Don’t you think we have to do away with the “Gandhis are god-like” attitude and the likes? <Not to be quoted please. I love my life. lol> But it’s the Nation and the Country that is at stake here, people. How many bridges and highways and schemes’ names to go before it shows signs to stop? I propose, Politicians should not marry and save country the confusion to whether elect their sons and daughters who otherwise may be dumb <oops a harsh word here>. I appreciate the effort of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Seriously.

11) The obnoxious notion that is engraved in every “IT minded people” that “Sarkari naukried” people are lazy and does not work. Yes, there are procedures that are to be followed, but they are in no way lazy, and they do work. Every aspect of the laws and by-laws has to be taken care of, because after all, it’s your tax money that they are utilizing.Get rid of this notion, its not only you that knows how to work. If you don’t work, it will show in your paycheck only, if they don’t work, they have to answer the Auditor General of India and the Criminal courts. Now, would they risk it for fun or laziness?

12) Hands free. Have you been to the asylum even once? You would see some of the inmates talking to themselves. Now, go and sit down at some place in some IT park, you would see similar ones as the inmates of the asylum, but they would be more decently dressed. Mobile phones are one thing but hands free makes you look . . . Come on; you are not that busy to have to multitask. Warren buffet <Thanks Dev, I got read of this great man> the wealthiest investor gets time off to play Axl Rose. Now, you tell me.

13) There is no thirteen. I hate the number. Not because I am scared or superstitious, but this number is just so over ratted.

14) Making things so complicated. Human beings are such complicated beings. We tend to make everything so complex and have to end up writing volumes to govern something. Well, for example, the game of Cricket. There are rules and rules, some of which I still am not sure. Why do we make it so complicated, after all it’s just a game of a block of wood that hits a spherical object.

15) Call centers. I don’t have anything against the job or the work there, which I still don’t know what they do there. But I am still skeptical, along with my un-aware Grandmother, about the name of the job that is “Call Center” and a similar literally sounding profession.

16, 17… My mind is blocked for the day. I shall get back later.


One comment on “The one without a title – x1

  1. its seems like u’ve made a list of my own frustrations as well, specially satisfied with the paragraph about ” Familial dominion of politics” and “Hands Free”. 😀
    a delightful read !!

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