The Love Revolution

Look at the world around, what do we see? Hate, Malice, anger, selfishness, greed, lust, sadness…? We have grown to misunderstand a friendly gesture. We seek for a subtle double meaning in everything.


People are in distress. We try to maintain peace by signing agreement papers, and treaties. A son hates his father and says, “generation gap” but in reality is it so?


These days divorce and split-ups are the “in thing”. People “live in” to check compatibility before they fall in love. Relationships of convinience. Love is rapidly dimisishing from among us. And soon, it will be something of the distant past.


If we can, but make a little effort to render an act oflove in its basic form, without negotiation.


Love can be Agape love (Selfless love for others, like of God’s), Storge love (Familial love), Philia love (Friendship love) and Eros love (physical love and affection).


All these is acted out sincerely and proportionately, will bring enormous change around.



Starting small. From Home.

Parents, please still love your kids.

Children, let us still love our parents like we did.

Siblings, let us not fight.


You can always tell your Mum that you love her, your dad “Thank you”.


Understand the power of “hug”! It works.


Pay it forward!

We all might have seen this movie. One act of gesture received, pass it on. The world needs it.



I have yet to give out in a great scale, but I have started giving. And it does feel good to make someone happy, even for a short while.

Give and it will come back to you. Good measure, shaken together…overflowing the very brim of your cup.


Wishing someone good!

It does not harm to thing good for someone. Bless them!



Try smiling, it really helps.


Now, loving someone is the easiest thing, but it is the most difficult thing as well. You just cannot appreciate the efforts and works of someone you hate, but you can give your all for someone you love.


The love revolution (here):

The title says its all. It is a revolution with love.


It is not religious, it is not political. It is just a revolution for each individual against him(her)self.


It is an uprising and revolt against the selfish self, the hating heart, the greedy mind. . .


We do not take arms, but make up our mind to change ourself, our family, our society, our world with LOVE.


Love without reservation and category.


It is difficult, we all know it. But why not give it a try.


And to start with, lets say something nice to each other like, “I love you”.


A quote from the site :

            “One person can make a mighty difference, but all of us working together is a revolution.”


And with love it is “The Love Revolution”.


And it starts with you.




Note:   This post is not an excerpt of Ms. Joyce Meyers’ book “The love Revolution”, though the title is influenced from it.





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