The Song in the Woods

The Song in the Woods

Len Kamei

I woke up to the sound of a beautiful voice singing deep in the night. I shifted restlessly from one end of the bed to the other as the song amplified to wake my whole being. I rose up from my bed and walked towards the window. I opened it and looked down towards the valley towards the song. A sudden chill rose from the back of my spine as the chilling winds blew through the window.

The moon loomed high veiled in the shadowy night. Something was out there mingled with the darkness of the woods. It felt that the thing was staring at me for what seemed eternity. I could not fathom what it was, or whether the feeling was actually true and it was out there looking at me. My mind was entangled to the wrestling thoughts and fear of the thing against the soothing comfort of the singing maiden.

Curiosity to know the wellspring of the melancholic music got the better of me. I went downstairs, put on my cloak and ventured out. I followed the trail that led down the valley to the sound. I look around to see the light of my room burning dim. It was so small, which made it obvious that I had walked long into the woods.

Each step I took was easier than the previous one. I strode on what seemed to me like carefully paved path that would lead me to the maiden.

The dark stranger followed me keeping distance. I turned to look around, but I could see no one. I have to reach the comfort of the song that was sung for me alone. Each step brought me nearer to the song.

The path led to an open cut-out space in the woods. I could no longer see my castle for I was deep into the belly of the forests.

I looked around and at the other side of the forest clearing I saw a fair maiden seated on the rock with a harp and singing in what seemed to me the tongue of the angel.

I was overwhelmed by the sight that I started walking towards her almost hypnotized. I was half way towards the maiden at the centre of the clearing when she looked up at me and smiled. She had the most beautiful eyes with shades of emerald. She wore a white flowing gown as if on her way to the banquet.

She stopped playing her harp and stretched out her hand towards me. I was mesmerized by the voice and this act. I hurried through the remaining distance when someone called out my name.

“Len!” The voice roared. It was the extreme contradiction to the soothing sound I was hearing till then. I looked around and saw a person of enormous height. I failed to see the face as it was shrouded by the hood of the cloak he was wearing.

I was stricken by the sudden appearance of the strange being. Of course everyone there was strange and were strangers to each other.

I heard a swift sound and I turned towards the lady. She leaped high in the air and slowly landed on the ground on her feet. Her lady-like feature of her face and her eyes had vanished. She was furious now.

She took a leap and was charging towards me like an eagle going to swoop down on its prey. Just then the enormous figure, swift as the lightning, stood in front of me and cast out his staff.

The lady in her furious self, stopped and charged at the stranger saying, “Ardion, you do not have the right to stop me from feeding on this prey of mine.”

She was hovering in the air as she accused the stranger of his insensitivity. I was dumbfounded to see the turn of events.

“Kaden” He countered, “You very well know that these grounds are not in the vicinity of the fallen. And you have defied the truce.”

“Truce? What truce?” She replied, “The agreement that was broken when Gramien slayed Koral in the city of Lycra?”

She made a sound as if hissing like a serpent and towering over the stranger whose name I now know as Ardion. Now I remembered, she was one of the Fallen legion that I was taught about. Each minute she was turning into a fearful abomination. Her face turned pale as she readied herself to fight and have her way with me.

“You stay away from my path, Ardion, lest you want to share the fate of this little boy.” Saying these she cast a spell of what seemed like a ripple through the air displacing everything on its way.

Ardion stretched out both his arms and countered the spell with a similar one but his spell engulfed that of the banshee. They fought with spells which I could not comprehend or even see. At last, the Ardion was struck down. Then she turned towards me and cast a spell on me. It felt that I was struck down by a heavy weight but it felt warm and I lay down as if in a deep sleep.

And when I woke up, I was in a dark room. I tried to wake up but my limbs were weak. I looked around but could not see anything. Then suddenly a light struck on and I could see three blood hungry Banshees like the one who lulled me into the woods.

I screamed, but the three creatures looked at me and laughed. I fainted in horror.

I heard a sweet song far in the woods, and I woke up. It was so beautifully sung that I was helpless but to listen to it. But then, I closed my eyes hard and shut my ears as I remembered I was going to be the dinner of the Fallen. I could not afford to hear the beautiful Song in the Woods.


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      Maybe we can co-write someday. 🙂

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