Lamentations of the Oracle


Lamentations of the Oracle

Len Kamei

Woe, to the Silent Ages

Thou have been betrayed by the most trusted.

From among the ones chosen,

Layeth the foundation of the era dark.

From the red horizon will the evil come,

With the rod of tyranny shall he rule.

For years of weakness and of dominion,

Have brought forth the Wrath of Pain.

With his minions will he infest the lands,

The lands the Humans hold dear.

He shall dine in terror,

And bask in the fear of the living.

Out of the heavens will burst out,

Mighty curses and grim abomination;

They shall soar over the land,

And be the eye of the tyrant.

The waters will be dark and wan,

For from the depth will rise the legion of the fallen.

Each spitting the bitterness of pain and misery,

Will they be the right hand in the waters.

The moon shall bleed, the sun shall cry.

Yet, he will not be shaken.

For in him, the nations will worship,

Not by reverence but by fear.

But weep not, ye Silent age.

Though betrayed, Thou art not forsaken.

For among the ones chosen,

Will come forth the Savior called Hope.


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