Defying Gravity

The video is from a famous Broadway Musical “Wicked”. It’s rendered when the Witch named Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West) finds that the Wizard is using her and her power to dominate Oz. On confronting the wizard and his cohort Madame Morrible, Elphaba is announced as the Wicked Witch of the West.
She is told not to be afraid by Galinda, and she replies “I am not afraid…”.
The story goes on to tell us how Elphaba enchants a broom to fly off thus allegorically depicting that limitations can be overcome.

Defying gravity represents the freedom of soul and integrity of mind and individualism. To open up to opportunities and to fly high defying the limitations or barriers marked by others.

How often are we bogged down by the rules of someone else? Being forced to do something or be something or someone we are not.

For those of us who needs a break I guess:

It’s time to try,
Defying gravity

There are some things that cannot change, but until we try how will we know.

So, Defy Gravity, Soar High.


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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