Songs of Truth

Songs of Truth.

Len Kamei
(Inspired by colleagues and friends)

I am the winter wind,
Cold and piercing.
I am the desert’s summer sun,
Harsh and unforgiving.

I am the light,
Clear and intimidating.
I am the night,
Dark and foreboding.

I might be anywhere, but here,
I might be anyone, but me.
I might be mistimed,
I might be all.

But, I got my halo,
Trust me, I will not sweep over,
Your light, and your being.
Your individuality and your integrity.

Just for this once,
You have to trust me.



2 comments on “Songs of Truth

  1. Hi Kamei… Everytime i read ur work I see a reflection of myself… You are an amzingly great writer and I am glad to read through your work.Not just this but all the other works are too good.
    Thoughts as serene as you would feel on a calm morning… Keep it up…

  2. Dear Anita,
    I am glad you like my work 🙂

    There are so much truths in life, mostly so subtle that we tend to overlook and walk all over them. If only we could listen to them. . .

    Again, Thank you so much.

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