Len Kamei

I know not one,
That extols,
Pain and agony,
For pleasure or gain.

I am also, but one,
With a heart,
That hurts and bleeds,
But that’s bygone.

Speak to me now,
O’ silent host,
And remain not a shadow,
Behind the blinds.

But know that the past,
Haunts me not.
More than the reflection,
I forebode of the future.

Find rest, my soul.



One of the many verses that does not make any point but still they are in my workbook. It’s kind of my way to get the jumble of words off my mind that entangles my thought and does not allow me to work.

Thanks for reading, anyway. I know it does not make much sense and is not in a continuous score.

But if you have thoughts, let me know. You will find my mail there in about me page 🙂


4 comments on “Rest

    • Eunice, Nice to hear from you. Ah and me not a great poet. hehe I jus write this and that. . . but am trying. 🙂

      Thanks for reading.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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