The Unknown

The Unknown

Len Kamei

Is it a veil to shroud the pain?
Though it does makes living sane.
It might rot the one from deep,
But easy understood as a keep.

The walls you built are high and steep,
I could nothing do, but peep.
I searched, but an opening I found not,
So I sat beside the wall and thought.


Sorry, no explanation again for this piece. It is the shortest one I have written as yet. Seems incomplete, but I thought the octet speaks it all.

Note: Complete the piece if you think it is incomplete.
The rhyming-rhythm goes as A-A-B-B


8 comments on “The Unknown

  1. No explanation required for this. I understand it very well. We should have a discussion on the pros and cons of the high walls.

    • I have always prophesied on the benefits of walls – impermeable ones. What you see from the outside may not be what it actually is. The mystery is what that is worth.

      Oh and Soni, Thanks for reading. 🙂

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