To Friendship

To friendship

Len Kamei

The sovereign knew the race will be unkind.
That the winters and summers will be harsh too.

It was known that we will be tossed and turned around,
In the murky waters unable to see or comprehend farther.

That we will be tired, and we would need a shoulder.
A resting place, and a guarded sanctuary.

It was also written, that we would be delighted,
At the slightest amusement that would tickle our fancy.

Such thoughts in-scripted when we were cast.
And that we would be alone to fend.

So, a divine congregation gathered, to gift each man, a gift.
A gift, which took the form of another being, a person called Friend.

To love and care, and to understand.
To take part, in each moment, ache and cheer.

So, I sing today, with lyrics and strings, of the divine conspiracy.
Of a conspiracy that showered me with a gift called friend.



Alright this Ode is too obvious. It is written for all my friends. Got a bit sentimental today so I thought why not write about it.

Hope you like it. 🙂 Cheers…


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