The one without a title – x2

Ramblings about the Work place

Not everything is perfect. You cannot ask for everything to be your way, or as you want it to be, always. Its as simple as it is.

This time it is about the (my) work-place and its virtue and vice. I speak of my take sitting in a Public office. Weird as it may sound, but I do like it here, not because of the ‘pre-assumed’ less work but because of the tangles of a-hell-lot-of-everything (in reality it never has been less work in public offices, its just that some people tend to overlook it).

A walk through…

The piles of papers and files, all in different colors, with beautiful tags. All together lying on the table-top since the inception of the idea and marked “For necessary action, please.” The prophesied time for the needful hasn’t come yet. In-Abeyance!!

My fascination with the paperweight has made me acquire seven of them. Some colored, some transparent. It is better looked at as show pieces than the work it was assigned to.

Tea-time-of-the-wretched… 1600 hrs. You can’t mess with a person devoid of his four o’clock tea, no negotiations or compromise in this, please. I do literally mean “tea”.

1730 hours means 1730 hours. Not a soul or ‘urgent’ work in the office can force you to work after 1730. 1730 means 1730. Unless its a national emergency or Eco/bio-hazardous-situations.

. . .to be continued

It is such fun to work. . .


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