“A tale of the pig and the dog.”

A tale of the Pig and the Dog.

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in a village. He had a paddy field which was all he had, well, apart from a dog and a pig who were the only ones living with him. They used to help him out in various activities.

One day, the man fell sick, and he couldn’t go to the field to work. And since it was soon going to be sowing season, work had to be done, lots of work, of which one was to till the ground.

He asked the pig and the dog to help him out in this and go till the field. They readily agreed and headed to the field to work.

It was that the pig was a hard working one and the dog turned out to be a lazy one. The pig toiled the whole day and tilled the whole paddy field, but the dog lazed and slept all day long.

In the evening when all the work was done, the pig left the field and went to clean up in the stream nearby and went homestead. The dog seeing the pig leave, went to the tilled field and walked all over it and left.

Later when the man came to the field to check on the work done by the two, all he could see was the dog’s paws all over the field.

The man thought that the pig lazed around the whole day. He became furious, and punished the pig by throwing him out of the house, while rewarding the dog by calling him his best friend.

It was from that day the pig stays outside the house in a sty, and the dog lives inside and is called the man’s best friend.


One of the many stories I grew up with…


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