For the Better

For the better

Len Kamei

All things happen for a reason;
A reason that makes us who we are.
Every relationship we bring life to,
Writes into the lyric of our lives.
And we grow learning from them all.

Through these years, we have built,
Strong bonds of love and hate.
And each feeling adds on to their place,
Stacking one over the other.
And we grow wiser from them all.

But do we much care, that
As we go from place to place,
As we build those relationships,
As we morph from an infant to maturity,
We change for the better?

Will our life hold a meaning?
And that, long after we are gone,
Our existence will linger on, as a fragrance,
For people to remember, and
That we had lived to change and inspire ‘least one.

As we lay to rest,
Will our spent lives sing an opera?
Of songs with the lyrics of our story,
Where we had touched lives as we passed;
Touched them for the better?



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