Separate Ways


A couple of weeks ago I had posted a poetry “Remind me to Love You”

This poetry may be read as a sequel to that.

Hope you like it.


Also, if you find it difficult to read the lines properly, let me know by dropping in a mail to me or as a comment here. I will send over the original picture or text. 🙂 or you can click on the picture, it will open up a new window or in the same one, with a bigger picture.

Thank you once again for dropping by and reading it.




15 comments on “Separate Ways

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  2. Woohoo! This poem touched the emotionless heart of mine.
    Btw, what do you mean by the last line “I headed for the light”?

    • Thanks Soni. Glad you liked it.
      I am preparing a prose for all the poems. But interpretation of the lines rests in the discretion of the reader. 🙂 May mean knowledge, or understanding, or clear vividness or may also mean “nothingness” or a void.

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