From the Casket


Hello everyone,

Sincerely hope you like the poetry.

This poetry traces back to a few other poetry I posted the past few weeks. And I am glad it is turning out to be good. Well, that is what I felt as I wrote. this is specially because I have company of great people like you.

I run a writing exercise series in Facebook notes. (here’s my Profile)  Not much there, but please add me. I am also running a “Add 1000 friends” Campaign there. 😀

Please add me and work with me as I figure out things and play with words with my other friends there.

Other recent poems:
Separate Ways
Remind me to love you

NB: If you feel that you cannot read the text to the present poem, please let me know. or in turn you may click on the image, this will open up in a new page, the whole image, that is.

Alright then, as always, I want to appreciate your love and support.  Send over comments or drop over a mail.

Thank You.

With regards and love,

Len Kamei


Photo courtesy: the internet. But I designed the whole other things.. 😀


15 comments on “From the Casket

  1. It feels great to be able to read such nice poems and then ask doubts to the poet 🙂
    Just to make sure – the man she loves is the one lying in casket?

    Layman’s Criticism: The poem would sound more rhythmic if the stanzas on left ended with “I wanted to…” and the stanzas on right ended with “I could take none.” Your thoughts?

    • Yes, he is supposed to be the one in the casket.
      A spoiler here: The poem is part of an anthology I am working on, and so it traces back to few other poems as mentioned in the information below the poem.

      Oh i never thought about the rhythm. Its quite an interesting thought. Thanks. Maybe I will think a way to adopt certain meter and rhythm changes in the final draft before finalization of the whole anthology (oops too much info)

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