A Canticle For The Soulless

Photo Courtesy: Internet


Hello everyone,

Been quite some time now since I last wrote anything. I have, during the time of absence from the blog, written a few pieces which I shall be uploading or posting it on here. Hope you like them, and please let me know about it @ my mail, which you will find here.

And I have recently started a page, where I doodle. its  Here . Do drop by. Just for fun!


With regards,

Len Kamei.




10 comments on “A Canticle For The Soulless

  1. I really like this -the word “canticle” makes it into a druidic or otherworldly read, and then the sharply melancholy phrasing coupled with carefully crafted imagery makes the whole thing come together. I love the “gray clad chorale” in particular, for some reason. Thank you!

    • Its a feature of the blog. It will be on till Jan 4

      But Gary, amidst all the writing, you found the snowflakes amusing. Hmmmm LOL
      Thanks for visiting though. 🙂

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