About Me

I am an engineer when I am not writing, or reading, or thinking.

I am taught by books and internet, and my close friends and family who lets me know my strength and weaknesses and lets me build on them.

I love music, which is maybe the only thing that keeps me sane, well of course God’s grace is sufficient.

I am a believer, and I know where I am going.

Im on facebook  and Google+      please add me. 🙂

More about me

Ill let ya know more later.

2 comments on “About Me

  1. hey buddy!

    Its a real pleasure to see that you have grown into such a writer!!!who would have thought,back in those days,right??…but of course you were always the scholarly type(and yes u had other traits too,of course!..haha)..so this does’nt come much of a surprise(it was expected;-))…i have read some of your poetry and i loved it!..will be reading the rest of your blogs too…so kip up the good work,k!!…

    • Its really nice to hear from you here , though we speak on phone frequently, this is something written…haha kidding.

      Yea the scholarly type! And I do not disagree to that too.

      Oh, you are most welcome to read them and comment here and there. And think about the proposition of writing something… mail me.. Ill post it.

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