About the Blog

“Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.”
Melinda Haynes

I can say for myself that I am no romantic writer. I do not seem to have the edge to write poems, or rhymes, or coin in some quotes. Nor am I a revolution writer, or a persuasive writer for that mater. But I do have this passion for writing even though for myself to read… ( read more here)

This blog is for all the works I do for leisure, or for passion, or for someone.

The themes are varied; Some inspired, some our of anger, some out of love, some out of lust. But all out of love for words and joy in celebration of the written and spoken words and language.

Please visit the Poetry page for all the poems and verses in this blog.

Also, if you have certain piece you would like to share but you find it troublesome to maintain a blog or online journal, please send it over to me. I will post it here. Please feel free to mail me. Here is one such poem.

Thank you for visiting.


My other blog is : Len Kamei


====================Important Note======================


The works on this blog are under the sole ownership of the author (writer or poet), unless specifically mentioned.

Please maintain ethics, and inform the owner when you are using the work for anything. There might be no legal binding on this, but a copyright on all work is being issued/obtained which is legal.

Students, please abstain from plagiarism. 🙂


Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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