When all that’s left is madness,

for wealth, for power, and for selfishness;

We are reduced to a void self,

a sorry state of a being;

And we stop pretending to be human.




By Shizuka Seki

My room will not be mine for long;
That’s always the case with girls.
School days are over;
College will be over too,
Without staying at home.
Then, I will live in a place unfamiliar.
Now, I really wish my room to be left as it is forever.
Its a part of me.

I believe it speaks loud and clear, about the innate feelings of a girl, the pain of looking forward to uncertainty while portraying the sincere wish to keep the past.

I was indeed touched. We, in our terms, usually overlook this emotional issue, or at least try not to acknowledge it. The huge sacrifice a girl has to make in this negotiation called marriage or ‘given away’.

I bring myself to understand this. But how can I understand what I will not feel.

The last couple of lines bring in a sincere wish to keep her room as it is. The girl wants everyone to remember her as she was, a little girl in the decorated room, and not solely by what she has chosen to be.


Shizuka Seki is a sixteen year old girl, just out of High School. She has written various verses and is a nascent talent in arts and literature.