A Canticle For The Soulless

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Hello everyone,

Been quite some time now since I last wrote anything. I have, during the time of absence from the blog, written a few pieces which I shall be uploading or posting it on here. Hope you like them, and please let me know about it @ my mail, which you will find here.

And I have recently started a page, where I doodle. its  Here . Do drop by. Just for fun!


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An alleviation – A soul desire

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Alleviate my being
From the troubles of this world.

Lift me high above
The clouds of cares and worries.

Free my soul
And let me float in the embrace of your love.

~~~~Len Kamei~~~~

From the Casket


Hello everyone,

Sincerely hope you like the poetry.

This poetry traces back to a few other poetry I posted the past few weeks. And I am glad it is turning out to be good. Well, that is what I felt as I wrote. this is specially because I have company of great people like you.

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Please add me and work with me as I figure out things and play with words with my other friends there.

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Some Change

I had messed up big time while changing some settings, but maybe it was for good.

As you noticed lately, my posts were mostly poems and essays. And my personal side story was not written about. And so, I was thinking about it for long now.

So I have started a new blog:

Len Kamei – of me and everything else.

In which I will write about personal stuffs.

And hereafter in this blog, all my poetry and essays (however illogical) will be posted here.

So this is an update:

Oh and the URL :   lenkamei.wordpress.com   no longer works (I messed up with the settings). And I am mourning the loss. Luckily I got all my posts from there, but the URL is no longer usable.

Anyway, please continue to walk with me as we learn from each other.



The one without a title – x2

Ramblings about the Work place

Not everything is perfect. You cannot ask for everything to be your way, or as you want it to be, always. Its as simple as it is.

This time it is about the (my) work-place and its virtue and vice. I speak of my take sitting in a Public office. Weird as it may sound, but I do like it here, not because of the ‘pre-assumed’ less work but because of the tangles of a-hell-lot-of-everything (in reality it never has been less work in public offices, its just that some people tend to overlook it).

A walk through…

The piles of papers and files, all in different colors, with beautiful tags. All together lying on the table-top since the inception of the idea and marked “For necessary action, please.” The prophesied time for the needful hasn’t come yet. In-Abeyance!!

My fascination with the paperweight has made me acquire seven of them. Some colored, some transparent. It is better looked at as show pieces than the work it was assigned to.

Tea-time-of-the-wretched… 1600 hrs. You can’t mess with a person devoid of his four o’clock tea, no negotiations or compromise in this, please. I do literally mean “tea”.

1730 hours means 1730 hours. Not a soul or ‘urgent’ work in the office can force you to work after 1730. 1730 means 1730. Unless its a national emergency or Eco/bio-hazardous-situations.

. . .to be continued

It is such fun to work. . .

Love came down on Christmas…

Love came down on Christmas…

Christmas is back ‘again’. This is the twenty fourth Christmas I would be celebrating. And looking back these years, I feel blessed.

I believe everyone feels the same.

On this day, Christ was born and mankind received the much awaited Messiah, the Hope and the redeemer. He was born out of the love God had for the perishing Mankind.

So this Christmas, let us understand the meaning of True Christmas, which is Love.

Share with each other with the gift of Love.

– – –

As for me and my family, we are having a re-union, the whole family, after quite a long time.

I am excited. . .

God Bless Ya!!

A Friday that culminated it all.

This is a Religious write-up put up to well understand the essence of Good Friday. Anyone who is not in tune with the Christian religion may find it un-believable, or sometimes offensive. If you are not open minded or at least neutral in thinking, you are requested to leave this post.

I assure you that this post is not for Holy Crusades, but is meant for educational purpose of some, while it is a religious to others.


Positive discussion is appreciated. Kindly refrain from criticism of the religion. The comments will be seen and ‘examined’ before being accepted. We cannot create any more trouble and confusion than there is now.

Thank you.


A little Background, please.

A long time ago, God created the Heavens and the Earth. And on the Sixth day, Man was created in the image of God. God named him Adam.

When God saw that Man was alone, out of Man, Woman was created.  They were placed in the Garden of Eden. They were happy for they knew not good or evil. God so loved His creations.

All things they may eat and enjoy, but one tree was forbidden.

And in the Garden of Eden, was Lucifer (Read the Devil). He was determined to destroy the creation of God. And that’s what he did when he tempted the Woman to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In this chain, Man also ate from the woman. They realized that they were naked, and that they were.

When God found out that they had disobeyed Him. He cast them out of Eden. Adam named the woman Eve.

Thus the bond that God had with Man was broken. And,

“Man had sinned and fell short of the glory of God.”

And so it continued for generations and generations.


God so loved the World (Read Mankind). He was wondering whom to send to die for their sins. That was when Jesus, the Son of God stepped forward to sacrifice Himself for the sins of the World.


And Four thousand years post the creation, Jesus was sent to the World to die for the sins of the World. To build the bridge between God and Man. To restore the Bond that God and Man shared before the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden.

This was known as the Plan of Salvation.

“For god so loved the World, that he gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”


Jesus was born to Mary by what we know as the Holy Conception. And thirty years after His birth, he began his Mission to bring Salvation.

“Salvation has been brought down.”

After Three years of Missionary work, the time had come to pay the ultimate price, the sacrifice. So, the whole “Plan of Salvation” culminated on Good Friday, when Jesus was nailed on the Cross for the Sins of the World.


Now the Bridge is built. But a choice is given to Man (When I say man, it mean Mankind, including Women). A choice to believe, in Jesus and the Plan of Salvation. Which means to cross over the bridge and be united in the Bond with God.

Else we perish for, “The wages of sin is death.” And the Sin does not mean the Ten things for which the Commandments were written. It means the First Sin, the Sin which the First Adam and the First Eve committed and was with each and every one of us that were born on this World thence.


As I told you, it is a religious write-up. But if you had read up to here, then I want to thank you. If you have any confusion, please ask as comment or mail me at len.kamei@gmail.com .Even if I can’t answer, I will make sure you get the answer from people who knows.

God Bless you. Have a blessed Day.


On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,
The emblem of suffering and shame;
And I love that old cross where the dearest and best
For a world of lost sinners was slain.

So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross,
Till my trophies at last I lay down;
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
And exchange it someday for a crown.

O that old rugged cross, so despised by the world,
Has a wondrous attraction for me;
For the dear Lamb of God left His glory above
To bear it to dark Calvary.

In that old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine,
A wondrous beauty I see,
For ’twas on that old cross Jesus suffered and died,
To pardon and sanctify me.

To the old rugged cross I will ever be true;
Its shame and reproach gladly bear;
Then He’ll call me some day to my home far away,
Where His glory forever I’ll share.

The one without a title – x1

Someone told me to write short. I thought about it a lot. I thought about the skill to write short, which I don’t have. I like to assume that readers are to be explained in detail about the issue. Half knowledge imparted is very dangerous, for me, that is. I would be misquoted, don’t you think?

Well, contrary to public’s views I will continue writing long. This post is about bits and pieces of those that I came to know of recently and others that I have been thinking of.

1) I never knew that there was something called as Earth Hour until I got a text message. It’s a noble thing. But my question is: If we were to switch off all those lights and energy consuming equipments which are un-important for that one hour, than why not keep it switched off daily? Or is it unimportant for that hour only. It just doesn’t make any sense. If the light is un-necessary then, why is it switched on the whole year?

2) Sudden splurge of Reality shows. I hate reality shows.

3) Infidelity test. This is something to be dreaded off or be weary of, dear friends. If some girl is uber-nice to you lately, smiles and talks sweet to you. Then be careful. If you fall into her, and Bamm! Your girlfriend or your wife barges in the room with all the cameras, you are doomed for life. Again, I hate reality shows.

4) One thing that really irritates me is, when young people, like me, age I mean, thinks and acts that they know everything. Come on, we got to respect our elders, specially our parents. You may know how to code and do math, but they helped you make yourself what you are now without doing those math and program. Doesn’t that make them genius to make an idiot a star? There is no generation gap. It’s just your egotistical ungrateful mind that is speaking. Give credit to whoever deserves. And this does not include your boss who signs your paychecks. See “Baghban”. It might not be this extreme but helps to appreciate the efforts of people around you.

5) Twitter and Facebook Status messages. People need to do the entire math and permutations and combinations and all assumptions to understand the cryptically confusing status message. I try to avoid writing those Jargons, which only I and some people in the same circle can understand. This means writing the abbreviation of your Course subject and saying, like, “Ah! I got ra*** in ACN.” What the hell is ACN? You could have written, “Ah! My exam was bad.” You know what I mean? So, stop doing it. It frustrates people.

6) Honking in traffic Jam. Don’t you get irritated when you come out from your office and stuck in the traffic jam, and the car behind you is honking on furiously as if you had slept off in the wheels and the whole jam is because of you. Don’t you just want to get out of your car, get to the driver behind and release your annoyance on him? And if you are the one doing it with me in the front, then, pray you would see tomorrow’s light.

7) Stereotyping. Be it everything, from race to gender to class or creed. It is not my fault that I am from the race that you stereotype me with. But damn you! If you do so, then I also have the right to stereotype you and your kind to whatever I deem fit calling. You cannot assume the character of someone just because he or she happens to look or come from specific background. I am not saying this because I have faced it, which I know you have been doing it even before we have met. My point is, every individual is unique, of course he or she will have those traits which he has been infused with genetics and all, but this do not give us the right to stereotype him or her according to what he or she looks like or appear to look like.

8) What’s wrong in dreaming? Every individual has the right to dream big. It does not matter even if it is ridiculous or really big. Dream dreams, for it brings solace to this heart among all the limitations that is in this world.

9) A secret is a secret. And the sanctity of secrecy ends when you tell a third person that secret and make him/her swear of its secrecy. It doesn’t work this way.

10) I have started to hate the Familial dominion of politics. Don’t you think we have to do away with the “Gandhis are god-like” attitude and the likes? <Not to be quoted please. I love my life. lol> But it’s the Nation and the Country that is at stake here, people. How many bridges and highways and schemes’ names to go before it shows signs to stop? I propose, Politicians should not marry and save country the confusion to whether elect their sons and daughters who otherwise may be dumb <oops a harsh word here>. I appreciate the effort of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Seriously.

11) The obnoxious notion that is engraved in every “IT minded people” that “Sarkari naukried” people are lazy and does not work. Yes, there are procedures that are to be followed, but they are in no way lazy, and they do work. Every aspect of the laws and by-laws has to be taken care of, because after all, it’s your tax money that they are utilizing.Get rid of this notion, its not only you that knows how to work. If you don’t work, it will show in your paycheck only, if they don’t work, they have to answer the Auditor General of India and the Criminal courts. Now, would they risk it for fun or laziness?

12) Hands free. Have you been to the asylum even once? You would see some of the inmates talking to themselves. Now, go and sit down at some place in some IT park, you would see similar ones as the inmates of the asylum, but they would be more decently dressed. Mobile phones are one thing but hands free makes you look . . . Come on; you are not that busy to have to multitask. Warren buffet <Thanks Dev, I got read of this great man> the wealthiest investor gets time off to play Axl Rose. Now, you tell me.

13) There is no thirteen. I hate the number. Not because I am scared or superstitious, but this number is just so over ratted.

14) Making things so complicated. Human beings are such complicated beings. We tend to make everything so complex and have to end up writing volumes to govern something. Well, for example, the game of Cricket. There are rules and rules, some of which I still am not sure. Why do we make it so complicated, after all it’s just a game of a block of wood that hits a spherical object.

15) Call centers. I don’t have anything against the job or the work there, which I still don’t know what they do there. But I am still skeptical, along with my un-aware Grandmother, about the name of the job that is “Call Center” and a similar literally sounding profession.

16, 17… My mind is blocked for the day. I shall get back later.

Some ‘Typing’ Habits . . . We Use and Abuse.

There are Jargon pertaining to my work place being used in this write-up. A reference is given at the end for necessary look up.

The other day I was preparing a notesheet [1].  After an hour of sifting through all the files and I was done with a technical write-up of the whole issue and necessary steps that are being proposed for the same. As in every hierarchical setup, I forwarded the file to the next level.

The next day, I got the file back with the tracing tag written ISO [2].

It was not supposed to be back at my table. I was somehow annoyed. I opened the Note again and re-read it, thinking that there had been some anomaly in the data given. At three places, were red circles. I let out a loud laugh. Sigh! I had put in “Smileys” in a formal official note. “ 🙂 ”

I claim that I never placed them ‘knowingly’. But my sub conscious mind could not distinguish between a personal write-up and an official one.

Even today I have to re-read anything I write- first for the truth, facts and details of it, second the grammatical structuring and the last 🙂 these smileys.

This is a habit I (most of us) abuse, overuse. This includes, “lol”, “lmao”, all those permutations and combinations with ‘:’ ‘;’ ) ( >< _ – etc etc.

The other thing is the extensive use of the “.” (dot, period, full stop). There should be just 03 (three) of them i.e. “. . .” and not “. . . . . .” which I (most of us) unknowingly type it out.

And oh! I have learnt there should be only 01 (one) exclamation mark “!” after an exclamation.  Which means there is no “Ah!!!!!” its just “Ah!” 🙂

And its not “Really?????” it is just “Really?”

As you read this, you may find and realize lots of these ‘habits’ we often tend to abuse. Don’t tell me its not true. You don’t get it in the final work doesn’t mean you don’t do it. Its just because you go back the whole text and delete them. 😛

Just for fun, you may post your typing habits (if you wish to, that is).

Happy writing and abusing of “smileys”.



[1] Notesheet:       These are documents that are being generated to initiate any work (which may be considered as the project). It includes all available data (facts and figures), references to earlier work, proposal, justifications for the proposal and all necessary information deem necessary. It is an important document in any Public Organisation. The initiator is 90% responsible for the document and the rest is shared among the Higher approving authority.

[2] ISO:                 An abbreviation for the designation “Information Systems Officer”. Most commonly the Initiator.

Why I stopped watching News Debates

I am or at least I used to be very interested in listening to Debates or intensive discussion and all. But off late am not getting my fix. They don’t tell me anything. I mean the news channel.

Have you noticed one thing? The debates on any issue these days don’t come to any meaningful conclusion. Yes, of course there is the sentiment of people or politics or religion attached in every topic of discussion, so, cannot give a white-black conclusion. So, my question is, why then bring these topics and confuse me all over again.

Recently, I was watching a debate on a popular news channel. It was some topic that was hot at that time. They had in the panel as always, eminent politician, a social worker, a retired bureaucrat, and the moderator. The moderator started with questions to each one. They answered, but as they came to something important, he stopped them to say anything further, quoted from the half statement and passed on to the next panelist. Why would he do that?

Most of the time what I observed is that, the moderator, whoever it may be, would just make statements and ask the panelist ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He (or she) drives the discussion into the path he (or she) likes to take it. And most of all, He gives his views. I for one do not want to hear his views. Who is he to me? He is not a law maker or a public social worker. He has to give me facts and figures and nothing more. That’s what I feel. I don’t need his opinion on any topic. We the people are the judge who will decide what is good or bad for us.

At one time, the Foreign Minister of our neighboring Country was brought online on the show. Instead of the Minister bringing out his ideals and views to the topic or issue, it was the moderator who did most of the talking and in the 25 minutes talk, I could hear the Minister speaking for not more than 10 minutes. I was like, “Let him speak, for Godsake”. I needed to hear the words from the Ministers mouth and not the words put in His mouth.

That has been going on for a while now. The news media I feel, should being in truths of both the stories and let the people decide.

I relate one instance. Sometime in early January of 2009, the oil marketing companies in India went on a strike. They were brought onto the level as “terrorists” holding ransom the whole country. That was all the public, including my Dad, knew of because that was what the media told them so.

Do you realize why they went on a strike? No, you don’t. Because the media had us convinced that the greedy oil executives want more money.

The media had pointed that a Grade A (Entrant) of any Oil Firm in India gets to 80000 INR a month as Salary. Is it true? Did we care to find out if it was true? No. Because the media said so.

What the media did not say is: how much they get NET, or why they had gone on a strike. They were just “terrorists” who worked day in and day out in hazardous conditions (Remember the IOC Jaipur fire) so that we get fuel in our kitchen, our cars our industries. And trust me this is not an Oil Company Employee speaking.

My point is, just tell and show me what is required – facts and figures. I am intelligent enough to discern good and evil.

Media opinion? No, thanks. I am good.