Of beasts and brutality

Of beasts and brutality

Stop Crime against women

Len Kamei

They dragged her to the narrow street,
and stripped off her Innocence.
Such horror, and pain intolerable,
meted out by beasts, untaught and untamed.

A society of falsehood, and injustice,
brewing immorality in each mind.
I sit at the edge of the bed,
And shed a mournful tear for humanity, and the world.



A place called Freedom.

Voice One

O’ how do I long for a place called Freedom. Where I can soar high and free, devoid of all cares and measures.

Voice Two

A place called Freedom, exists but in the innate sub-conscious state of the soul. Reaching it is but the highest of all understanding. A reach beyond mortal heights.

Voice one

And it takes to ages to find that because you search for it outside. But nonetheless achievable by human standards.

Voice Two

It is but innocent ignorance that thinks freedom is found when sought.

Voice One

Freedom is not found when sought, my friend. But found when yearned and longed for. When the desire of the heart for attainment of complete indifference overcomes the mundane desires.

Voice Two

But is it Freedom, when the thought and longing of Freedom encapsulates our being, and even after achieving it, the thought of sustaining it enslaves you? Such freedom I abhor.

Voice One

I see freedom as a state of mind all men wants to be in. I am enslaved not because of freedom. Freedom is a feeling inside me. I am enslaved because of my inability to reach there. But once I reach there, my elated heart will find solace from this mad world of mortals.

Voice Two

Attainment of freedom is an illusion played by poets and visionaries alike, abused by political mercenaries quite a lot, but they understand it not.

Mundane freedom is one, which may be achieved by one’s provisions. But if it is the Eternal Freedom that we long for, then I am afraid, it comes with a price,

A price demanding our being,

A price called the solace of Death.

Voice One

I beg to discord with due esteem. But my learning and knowledge says otherwise. I believe it can be attained long before death. It is just a state of the mind that we need to get attuned. It can be reached.

Voice Two

Pardon my insolence, but I am not convinced. And it is futile to hold this discourse for my inherent pessimism with humanity still disables me to look beyond my nose.

So long, my friend. May I live long to hear of your tale of Freedom, and how you have failed miserably or otherwise.

Voice One

So long. Maybe one day


My gratitude to Vishal, a good friend of mine who has helped me come out with the piece, by indulging himself in this outplay of words.

Defying Gravity

The video is from a famous Broadway Musical “Wicked”. It’s rendered when the Witch named Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West) finds that the Wizard is using her and her power to dominate Oz. On confronting the wizard and his cohort Madame Morrible, Elphaba is announced as the Wicked Witch of the West.
She is told not to be afraid by Galinda, and she replies “I am not afraid…”.
The story goes on to tell us how Elphaba enchants a broom to fly off thus allegorically depicting that limitations can be overcome.

Defying gravity represents the freedom of soul and integrity of mind and individualism. To open up to opportunities and to fly high defying the limitations or barriers marked by others.

How often are we bogged down by the rules of someone else? Being forced to do something or be something or someone we are not.

For those of us who needs a break I guess:

It’s time to try,
Defying gravity

There are some things that cannot change, but until we try how will we know.

So, Defy Gravity, Soar High.

The Battle

The Battle

Len Kamei

Why do I long,
For days to get better;
For winds to grow calmer;
And for my heart to grow older.

I am baffled how,
My mind is confused still,
To draw the line,
Between what can be and what cannot.

For with each dusk that comes,
The burden gets heavier;
With the battle to establish or not,
What the heart wants.

Oh, why do I lose sleep?
Over the thought as silly as it is.
And over the proposition for a thing,
As dubious as this.


The Love Revolution

Look at the world around, what do we see? Hate, Malice, anger, selfishness, greed, lust, sadness…? We have grown to misunderstand a friendly gesture. We seek for a subtle double meaning in everything.


People are in distress. We try to maintain peace by signing agreement papers, and treaties. A son hates his father and says, “generation gap” but in reality is it so?


These days divorce and split-ups are the “in thing”. People “live in” to check compatibility before they fall in love. Relationships of convinience. Love is rapidly dimisishing from among us. And soon, it will be something of the distant past.


If we can, but make a little effort to render an act oflove in its basic form, without negotiation.


Love can be Agape love (Selfless love for others, like of God’s), Storge love (Familial love), Philia love (Friendship love) and Eros love (physical love and affection).


All these is acted out sincerely and proportionately, will bring enormous change around.



Starting small. From Home.

Parents, please still love your kids.

Children, let us still love our parents like we did.

Siblings, let us not fight.


You can always tell your Mum that you love her, your dad “Thank you”.


Understand the power of “hug”! It works.


Pay it forward!

We all might have seen this movie. One act of gesture received, pass it on. The world needs it.



I have yet to give out in a great scale, but I have started giving. And it does feel good to make someone happy, even for a short while.

Give and it will come back to you. Good measure, shaken together…overflowing the very brim of your cup.


Wishing someone good!

It does not harm to thing good for someone. Bless them!



Try smiling, it really helps.


Now, loving someone is the easiest thing, but it is the most difficult thing as well. You just cannot appreciate the efforts and works of someone you hate, but you can give your all for someone you love.


The love revolution (here):

The title says its all. It is a revolution with love.


It is not religious, it is not political. It is just a revolution for each individual against him(her)self.


It is an uprising and revolt against the selfish self, the hating heart, the greedy mind. . .


We do not take arms, but make up our mind to change ourself, our family, our society, our world with LOVE.


Love without reservation and category.


It is difficult, we all know it. But why not give it a try.


And to start with, lets say something nice to each other like, “I love you”.


A quote from the site http://www.theloverevolution.com/ :

            “One person can make a mighty difference, but all of us working together is a revolution.”


And with love it is “The Love Revolution”.


And it starts with you.




Note:   This post is not an excerpt of Ms. Joyce Meyers’ book “The love Revolution”, though the title is influenced from it.