A Canticle For The Soulless

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Hello everyone,

Been quite some time now since I last wrote anything. I have, during the time of absence from the blog, written a few pieces which I shall be uploading or posting it on here. Hope you like them, and please let me know about it @ my mail, which you will find here.

And I have recently started a page, where I doodle. its  Here . Do drop by. Just for fun!


With regards,

Len Kamei.




And When I Die

And when I die

Len Kamei

When I lie in my casket,
don’t lay flowers, but relate memories,
and hymns of the journey taken,
and poems of joy and laughter.
For in them, I delight greatly.

And when they lower me down,
don’t cry, for I am not gone,
I will be there always beside you
as the chill of the wind
and the warmth of the sun.

When you look up,
I will be shining brightly upon you.
Don’t cry, but be merry.
And when the time comes,
let me go, and hold on
to the loving hand of
the one that will love you then.


On Work

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On Work

I look at you with despise.
I measure you with contempt.
The more I hate you, the more you tower over me.
When will you learn to abridge restrain on someone?
Give me room to grow, and soon I will learn to love you too.

~Len kamei~

From the Casket


Hello everyone,

Sincerely hope you like the poetry.

This poetry traces back to a few other poetry I posted the past few weeks. And I am glad it is turning out to be good. Well, that is what I felt as I wrote. this is specially because I have company of great people like you.

I run a writing exercise series in Facebook notes. (here’s my Profile)  Not much there, but please add me. I am also running a “Add 1000 friends” Campaign there. 😀

Please add me and work with me as I figure out things and play with words with my other friends there.

Other recent poems:
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NB: If you feel that you cannot read the text to the present poem, please let me know. or in turn you may click on the image, this will open up in a new page, the whole image, that is.

Alright then, as always, I want to appreciate your love and support.  Send over comments or drop over a mail.

Thank You.

With regards and love,

Len Kamei


Photo courtesy: the internet. But I designed the whole other things.. 😀

Separate Ways


A couple of weeks ago I had posted a poetry “Remind me to Love You”

This poetry may be read as a sequel to that.

Hope you like it.


Also, if you find it difficult to read the lines properly, let me know by dropping in a mail to me or as a comment here. I will send over the original picture or text. 🙂 or you can click on the picture, it will open up a new window or in the same one, with a bigger picture.

Thank you once again for dropping by and reading it.



Some Change

I had messed up big time while changing some settings, but maybe it was for good.

As you noticed lately, my posts were mostly poems and essays. And my personal side story was not written about. And so, I was thinking about it for long now.

So I have started a new blog:

Len Kamei – of me and everything else.

In which I will write about personal stuffs.

And hereafter in this blog, all my poetry and essays (however illogical) will be posted here.

So this is an update:

Oh and the URL :   lenkamei.wordpress.com   no longer works (I messed up with the settings). And I am mourning the loss. Luckily I got all my posts from there, but the URL is no longer usable.

Anyway, please continue to walk with me as we learn from each other.